Bowed Instrument Custom Shop

The standard features, and custom options listed within this page, are what is currently available on all Custom Shop Bowed instruments.
If you are searching for an option and/or feature that has been seen within the TK Instruments web-site, yet it is no longer listed within this Custom Shop page; that is because those features and/or options have been discontinued.
My reasons for eliminating  these older options and/or features was simply to continuously improve the quality (and passion) of my work.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
God if this is meant to be please make it happen with all your Blessings; and please only bring me worthy customers; and keep me Protected. I ask this of you in Jesus name.
Getting started:
These instruments are only available in very limited quantities (1 or 2 per year) so please contact me before you fall in love!
Please be sure to carefully read the Policies .
If you then wish to reserve the construction of your custom instrument; a deposit of 75% of the total cost will be required before beginning this process.
Please see further details on this in the FAQ.

Once you have chosen your favorite cello or bass model, you will then need to go through this entire page and copy any additional custom options that you might want from  within this page only; then paste each option that will make up your custom instrument onto an e-mail that has been addressed to me [ ].
Please be sure to double check your list and make sure you have not missed any details, and then e-mail it to me along with your phone number so that we can begin discussing your instrument in person.
This is tougher then it sounds, so please carefully read through this page as you go.

Also: please be sure to read all the fine print notes because they are often very important.

Remember you are building your dream instrument here, so TRY TO HAVE FUN!
All Custom Shop Cellos include the following standard features at no extra cost:
To add more options to your instrument; such as inlay, wood, ornamentations, etc. scroll down this page to select.
Double expanding dual adjustable truss rod
Exotic wood Truss rod cover
Sperzel tuners *(Black)
      *[other colors may be available but the RMC system and Tripod are both black so black Sperzels seem to go best]
RMC Pickup & Poly Drive II Cello MIDI Ready system
Height adjustable bridge
A selection of Hand select Tonewoods are available for use on almost ALL options at no extra cost
Bogen tripod, mounting head, and quick release system.
up to $100 credit towards your favorite brand of strings

(Cello & other bowed instruments)
Opening price on a standard features 4 string Electric Cello is:
$3650+ the cost of any added options
Add $350 for 5 string Cello
Add $650 for 6 string Cello
Please keep in mind that the instruments in the gallery photos (below) are only examples of the custom instruments we can potentially build for you.
The prices of these models represents the basic style loaded with the above standard features.
The model you choose does not yet have any -other- options added to it yet.
Click on photo to view this  6 string  MIDI/Electric Cello

RMC Pickups & Included Accessories

Although these systems are higher priced they are flat out the best there is...
These are the only bowed instrument pickups that I know of that will actually sense all directions of the string,
(they will even sense 2 handed tapping!) simply phenomenal!

Height adjustable bridge allows you to customize your string action on the bass & treble side.

Remote Active Electronics w/EQ .
With 3-Band EQ, synth-drive controls & feedback eliminator circuitry. Supplied with 8-pin DIN connector & multi-conductor instrument cable.
The Polydrive II drives a multi (individual string) output for Hex/Midi devices; such as the Zeta violin Synthony MIDI system or Roland VG systems.
Modified Bogen tripod, mounting head, and quick release system.
Actual systems may vary from photo: But please know that  I will only offer the highest quality systems available

Wood Options

What type of Body wood do you want?
(if you are choosing a hollow body, then this would be your "center" or "core" wood)
Ash Body
Alder Body
If you feel your instrument needs to be made of an Exotic species of wood please see the FAQ section on wood questions.

*What type of Top wood do you want?
*(all  models must have a top)

Do you want a Back wood for your body?
$250 Quilt Maple Back
$200 Flame Maple Back
$225 Birds Eye Maple Back

Do you want an 1/8" exotic wood pinstripe down the center of your body?
$45  Exotic Wood 1/8" pinstripe down center of any solid body top.
(These can also be substituted with 1/16" Paua pinstripes if you prefer...See Inlay)
Neck Specifications:
Approximate nut widths for 4 string Cello:1-1/4" -1.25" (standard cello size)
Approximate nut widths for 5 string Cello: 1-3/8'' - 1.37"
Approximate nut widths for 6 string Cello: 1-1/2'' - 1.5"
What type of  5A Exotic Wood fingerboard wood do you want?
Do you want wood fingerboard binding?
$175 for bound Exotic Wood fingerboard
Maple (non figured) Neck
$125 for Flame Maple
Do you want a fully laminated ( 2 top/back and 2 pinstripe laminates ) headstock?
$125 for a fully laminated headstock.
2 {top&back} exotic wood laminates and 2  [black or maple] "pinstripe" laminates.
Do you want a 1/16"  Paua shell pinstripe inlaid into the entire length of your instrument's top or back?
$75 for each 1/16"  Paua shell pinstripe inlaid into the entire length of the top and/or back.
Do you want any fingerboard note position inlays?
$200 for 31 (2 Octaves + a Fifth)  side or top chromatic 3/32" round "dot" position inlays; of either pearl, abalone, or stainless steel.
(Price includes side dots)
$400 for 31 (2 Octaves + a Fifth)  side/top (both bass & treble sides) chromatic wood line position inlays.


As of this writing (2019)
I have found these really nice solid foam interior (3 layers) military grade SKB gun cases.
(see image below)
They are big enough for headless guitars and I've seen others that might be big enough for cellos as well..

I can custom cut the foam in these cases to fit your instrument quite nicely.
The labor charge for me to do a custom cut foam interior can range from $200 to $250 + the cost of the case...
The cost of the actual case usually ranges around $200/$300 (+/- $50).
Please Note: I only cut the foam to fit your instrument.
I don't do any interior lining (velvet etc.) work, nor do I glue the foam interiors in place.
A nice benefit to this is: you can cut your own multiple interiors for various instruments and/or equipment.
If you do not wish to purchase either an inexpensive or a custom made ATA case, then your next best choice would be to personally come out to my shop and pick your instrument up.
This will not only save shipping and case costs, but will also allow me to do any minor setup changes you might want done.
*The following hand select seasoned tonewoods are considered Exotics and will carry an additional cost
*(depending upon availability)
Birds Eye Maple (for neck, *ornamental, top and back body plates only)
Quilt Maple ( *ornamental, top and back body plates only)
Flame Maple (for neck, *ornamental, top and back body plates only)
Spalted/Figured Maple (*ornamental, top and back body plates only,
Macassar Ebony, (fingerboard and *ornamental wood only)
Palemoon Ebony, (top, back, fingerboard and *ornamental wood only)
Purpleheart (fingerboard and *ornamental wood only)
Rosewood [a wide variety] (fingerboard and ornamental wood only)
Goncolo Alves (fingerboard and ornamental wood only)
Bocote ( *ornamental wood only)
Cocobolo (fingerboard and *ornamental wood only)
Ziracote (top, back, fingerboard and *ornamental wood only)
Private Reserve (any "exhibition grade" and/or aged 10+ year wood)
*Note: there may be other available wood species not listed above

*What is "ornamental wood"?
These are woods that are often used as decorative enhancements on an instrument.
Examples are: pinstripes, tapered center stripes (as seen on the tops and backs of the Hollow model instruments), truss rod covers, control covers, tremolo covers, fingerboard binding, etc. etc...
You usually want these woods to be figured and/or colorful.
However, this is the "Custom Shop"; so any wood that may happen to be available can be used as ornamental wood. if you really want it!

If you have a specific exotic wood in mind that you would like on your instrument please see the FAQ section on wood questions.

*The following hand select seasoned tonewoods may be used at no extra cost
*(depending upon availability)
Mahogany (used for body, neck, and top and back body plates only)
Ash (for body and/or top and back body plates only) more than one species of Ash may be available
Alder (for body and top and back body plates only)
Maple {Non figured} (for neck, finger board, top and back body plates only)
*Note: there may be other available wood species not listed above.
If you have a specific species of wood that you would like on your instrument; please see the FAQ section on wood questions.

Click on photo to view the Vicellotar
Custom Shop

The policy of TK Instruments is one of continual development and improvement.
Therefore the right is reserved to alter specifications and prices included in this site without prior notice.
Please beware that some manufactures may suddenly increase the prices of  hardware, electronics, wood, materials, etc..etc..
and therefore I would need to increase my prices in order not to take a loss...
It is also the policy of TK Instruments to provide excellent customer service so you can count on me to be as fair as possible in these matters if they should arise.