Vicellotar 'V'
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The Vicellotar 'V' features a Barbera 5 string Twin Hybrid transducer bridge.

The tuning is as follows from low to high: G-D-A-E-B (one octave below a violin).
Yet the Vicellotar 'V' still has the full high range of a violin as well.
If you were to capo the 5th stop, the instrument would be very close to the same scale length as a violin (just .200" over a violin's scale) and the pitch would be exactly the same as a 5 string violin (cgdae).
The reason for this gradual design change from my original bulkier lower tuned (deabf#) Vicellotar was;
 I basically wanted to be able to play anything that a violinist could play and yet still have an extra octave of lower notes as well....
I have always loved the violins range, but like many electric violinists, I wanted more low range as well.
Also, that fact that I need to play the violin in a non-guitar like position, is why I designed the instrument to be played on my leg similar to a cello position (or exactly like a Viola Da Gamba), which is much closer to a guitar type position compared to violin playing position.
Because the Vicellotar 'V' is  designed to be played balanced on the left upper leg, it was made to be a very lightweight compact instrument.


Vicellotar Custom Shop Options and Pricing
Please write a list of all the available options you would like your custom Vicellotar to have.
Then e-mail me your list (be sure to include all pricing) along with your phone number and best time to contact you.

All Vicellotars come standard with:
Mono wired Barbera Twin Hybrid custom made Piezo bridge.
Mahogany Neck/Body wood (other woods are available at an extra cost)
Mahogany Stainless steel leg rest (other woods are available at an extra cost)

***All other available options must be added to complete your custom Vicellotar***

$1500 5 string 5th tuned Vicellotar V (17.5"scale length)
[The tuning is as follows from low to high: G-D-A-E-B (one octave below a violin).]

What type of fingerboard note position inlays do you want ?
Add $200 for 31 side or top chromatic "dot" position inlays; of either pearl or abalone.

Add $400 for 31 (2 Octaves + a Fifth)  side/top (both bass & treble sides) chromatic wood line position inlays + 2 sets of top paua or mop octave dots.

Add $50 for standard guitar type side dot  inlays


What type of custom Sperzel tuning keys do you want on your Vicellotar?
Please go to my Custom Colored Sperzel Tuners page to choose your Sperzel tuners.
NOTE: please be sure to add in the price of your custom Sperzel tuners to the total cost of your Vicellotar

Note on strings:
The strings I use on the 5 string 5th tuned Vicellotar V's are:
 Long scale Viola strings along with a standard .011" plain guitar string for the high B string
The instrument is specifically designed around this string.

Fingerboard woods:
Goncolo Alves (as shown in the photos above)

add $125 for *Exotic wood binding
* Dependent upon wood species availability

Body/Neck Woods:
Add $75 for Indian Rosewood
Add $100 for  Flame Maple
No extra cost for Mahogany

Wood & stainless steel leg rests

No extra cost for Mahogany leg rest
add $25 for *Exotic wood leg rest
* Dependent upon wood species availability