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Over 15 years ago I came up with an idea to create a bowed instrument that  as a guitar
player I could learn to play easier  then learning to play the violin.
So after many prototypes I finally came up with an Instrument that I call the "Vicellotar.

The Vicellotar is basically  a breed of  Violin, Cello, and Guitar.
Although the version seen here is much more Cello related then Violin or  Guitar related;  I have also made fretted 4th tuned (e-a-d-g-b-e) 6 string versions  for other guitar players as well.
(I later on heard of a similar Baroque instrument called a "Viola Da Gamba")...

Well  after many design changes I had ultimately found that the Vicellotar design seen here, just had too much in common with a standard 3/4 sized cello... So I finally  just decided to build and play electric Cellos  (at least for a while anyway!).
Although, in order to pursue my original love of the idea of the Vicellotar design, I've since designed a  much smaller version I call the Vicellotar 'V'
This design change is mainly because  I have such a love for the higher registers of Violins, (In fact this instrument is mostly violin related)...

I may still pursue a larger Vicellotar design for myself some day, (just because I do like the size, tuning, string spacing and playing technique a bit more then a standard 4/4 cello),  but so far, I feel the  Vicellotar 'V' is enough of a musical challenge for a lifetime!