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 5 string Electric Cello-MIDI Ready
If you have an interest in these instruments please see the Cello Custom shop.

This TK 5 string MIDI/electric cello
The instrument (seen here) is loaded with high end custom features like an RMC Piezo Polydrive midi system and a high end Bogen tripod system.
This TK Electric/MIDI capable 5 string Cello features:
Goncolo Alves (Tiger Wood) fingerboard.
25+ year aged Maple neck.
5A Flame Maple  top with an Ash body.
The strings are tuned low to high:

A  large part of this instruments  phenomenal tone comes from the RMC Polydrive II Cello pickup system
The Polydrive II drives a multi (individual string) output for Hex/Midi devices; such as the Zeta "Synthony" MIDI system or Roland VG systems.

Please see some of my other bowed  instruments that I call the  Vicellotar and the Vicellotar 'V'

Extended neck/heel cut-away

Height adjustable bridge allows you to customize your own string action on either the bass or treble side.

The bridge height is adjustable through the back of the instrument at the 2 slots seen in this photo.
Side to side bridge movement is also adjustable.

Also, the Carbon fiber  break
angle bridge piece keeps the strings at the perfect angle as the bridge height is adjusted.
This keeps the tone of the RMC  transducers consistent

Laminated Headstock for added strength and beauty.
Neck is also adjustable for proper action.
High end Bogen Tripod & fully adjustable Bogen Head assembly