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Many of you may be wondering what my Gallery instruments (as well as the new Custom Shop instruments) will be like.
So hopefully I can answer some of your curiosities on this page:

Being the type of Luthier who is constantly searching out new ways to build a better instrument, I feel that I should never set any limitations on myself, so I won't lay out all the specifics of each instrument I plan on producing here in the near future.
However, I can at least lay out a general idea of what I will be offering....
Signature Series instruments (both guitars and basses) will come standard with the following features:

Multiscale fingerboard
Carbon fiber reinforcement (neck and headstock)
Double expanding dual adjustable truss rod
Countersunk Strap-locks (any available color)
24 (sometimes more) stainless steel *standard sized,medium/jumbo (*might not always include my 5/32" handmade Stainless Rod-Frets).
Some of the signature series instruments (mostly Guitars), in addition to the Multiscale fingerboards;
 will also be loaded with my 5/32" stainless steel frets. I know that there are those of you who only want the multi scaled fingerboard option (without the 5/32" frets), so that's why the 5/32" frets will be more of a semi-standard only available on Signature series  instruments.

I realize that many of you may want the option to adjust and even change out to your own favorite brand of pickups; yet the "Body wood mounted pickups" can be somewhat  limiting in this area so that's why I will keep this feature as more of an occasional standard on the Signature series Gallery instruments.

Below is an excellent example of a Signature Series Hybrid ST and a "Signature Series" Headless SX8 string.
 All models (X, SX, ST, Hollow, SH, and  E-bass) will be available as Signature Series" Gallery instruments.

Cellos and Other Bowed instruments:
As much as I love my bowed instruments, I probably wont add these to my line of Gallery instruments.
However, I'm sure that if I receive enough requests for these instruments then I will build one or two on occasion.

Pricing & Availability
These instruments will only be for sale to the public as they are completed.
Once an instrument is completed it will  be photographed and posted in the top row(s) of the Gallery along with full detailed specifications as well as the final price.
These high end Instruments will on average cost somewhere between $3500 and $5000. The final price of course depends on the model and specifications of the individual instrument (labor, hardware, wood, electronics, etc.).If there is no price listed with an instrument in the gallery, then that means it has been either sold, or is unavailable.
These instruments are also to be sold with a 3 day return policy