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Early TK Instruments
I thought it might be of interest to post just a few of the instruments I built over 20+ years  ago... Unfortunately, most of the photos on this page are of pretty poor quality but I thought it might be worth publishing some of these photos so that my customers (and others who might be interested) could get an idea of some of TK Instruments history.

The TK 9 String Hollow body guitar was built in 1999. for guitarist Kenny Kidd.
This instrument probably ranks #1 on my list of  most complicated custom instruments that I ever built.

The instrument was wired in stereo (later modified to MIDI) so that the Bass section runs to a separate output source from the Guitar section.
Using finger-style or tapping techniques, the "dual output section" allows you to play clean Bass lines into one amp, while simultaneously playing overdriven (and now Midi) Guitar solos into another amp.
This gives the impression that the player is actually playing two instruments at once.
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The first WTD

This was the first WTD design built for and
co-designed by a good friend of mine named
Bill Dennison.
The only reason this is now in my gallery of early TK Instruments, is because I have since changed the original body design.

Please see the latest  WTD to compare with this older WTD.
You can see they are the same basic shape, only the new shape is a slightly larger body then the one seen here...
My Headless Hollow
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This is my  prototype Headless Hollow guitar.
This instrument is my own personal guitar...
Over the years she has been the subject of many bizarre experiments and even a few bad accidents; yet she seems to keep on  hanging in there for me!
Some of the pointy evil looking exotic wood  guitars I used to build back in the early days!
(the one above is solid Purple heart and the one below is solid Zebra wood)
Both of them were very cool looking but really did not have the greatest tone..
Vicellotar II
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One of my very early crazy double neck inventions! (probably built in 1990)

A very early ST.
My original plan was to make several of these light weight Alder/Maple guitars but I just never fell in love with the idea of "cookie cutter production" so this ended up just being a one-of-a-kind.

One of many of the early ST-29 and 32 fret cutaway guitars I did in the mid 90's
This entire instrument was done in Zebra wood.

Here I am  playing the Vicellotar II in concert
One of the early 9 strings.

The very first ST!
I almost lost a finger  building this 32 fret guitar!

The first of two hollow body Tele's
I built in the late 1990's

This is the  first 9 string I built.
That's Kenny Kidd playing the 9 string prototype.
This was back in 1992
Here I am with my very first Vicellotar.
This was back in 1989
Once the word got out that I was building Vicellotars, other musicians had me custom build a variety of guitar/violin hybrid instruments...
Yet another TK Custom Violin/Guitar Hybrid.
I believe this was called the "Cellocaster"
Here is an extra small guitar that I had just  built for my daughter.
The instrument was built to the same quality that my other instruments were built to, only smaller.

The second of two hollow body Tele's
I built in the late 1990's
My first ST-29 fret cutaway guitar
I actually still own this guitar and play it regularly.
The newer ST's have larger bodies and rarely feature the radical cutaways.
The cut-away-option was not just for looks; it was originally  done so that you could play more comfortably in a classical position.

My early 5 string MIDI cello design