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SX6-Hollow 6 String Guitar
This instrument was "Custom Shop" made for Greg Barnett (R.I.P.)

Fingerboard: Multiscale, Private Reserve Palemoon, Bound in Black Ebony.
25 TK Stainless XXX Jumbo Frets
Neck: Private Reserve Flame Myrtle Aged (25+ years).
Carbon Fiber D-Tube Neck Beamô
Body: Paulownia
Top: 5A Private Reserve Buckeye Burl
Back: 5A Private Reserve Buckeye Burl
Pickups: BWGC Neodymium
Electronics:3 way LP-switch, 1 volume, 1 tone. 2 Mini Coil Taps
LR Baggs CtrlX
TK Piezo Single  Bridges
Control cover is magnetically fastened

Get started now designing your very own Custom Shop Instrument!

If you are wanting a wider melodic range from your 6 string guitar,
(close to the range of an 8 string!) then you should definitely