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Custom Colored Sperzel Ideas
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Any one of these sets are available through TK Instruments.
you can create your own custom color combination!
"Mixed" Color Combinations!
Mixed color combinations are done by alternating the colors to get a kind of "checkered " appearance.
I put these sets together myself; however, when Sperzel custom builds these sets they can even alternate the "thumb-lock" colors so you really get the full "alternate" or "checkered" effect!

(Green and Purple mix)
(Purple and blue mix)
(Purple and gold mix)
Black light
(black and purple mix)
(red blue & chrome mix)
(blue and gold mix)
Black widow
(black and red mix)
(Purple and chrome mix)
Blue ice
(Blue and chrome mix)
(Blue and Black mix)
Hot Rod
(Red and chrome mix)
Bumble bee
(Black and gold mix)
(Blue and Green mix)
Custom flame maple TK head stock fitted with Satin chrome
(Black and Green Mix)

Non-Mixed Color Combinations
Purple & Gold
Green & Purple
Purple & Green
Purple & Blue
Blue & gold
Red & chrome
Chrome & Purple
Chrome& Red
Satin chrome Anodized Gold
Satin chrome Purple
Satin chrome Blue
Satin chrome Red
Gold & Black
Black & red
Red & black
Blue& Red
Blue & Purple
Black & gold
Chrome & blue
Black & Blue
Blue & Black
Black & Green
Blue & Green
Green & Black
Black Red Gold
Gold Black Red
Red Gold Black
 An important note about the color in these photos
Although I did the best I could to show the true colors, the colors are not always exactly the same as the actual colors of the tuning keys, thanks to the "technology" of digital cameras!
But it should also be noted that the actual colors are definitely MUCH nicer than in these photos!
For example:
If you look at the photos that have purple mixed in with the other colors, you may notice that there appears to be several different shades of Purple...
When in fact there is really only one shade of purple.
For some reason the Greens were the hardest to bring out in the photos. (even when adding green filters!)
And the blues always look more "silvery" than the beautiful deep tropical blue that they really are...
Also, the Red's look more dull or painted and slightly orange in the photos, when in fact they are a very nice Candy Apple Red.
Probably, the most accurate photo of all the colors on this page, is the photo above with all the different varieties of Sperzels in one shot.
So please be aware of this when examining the photos...
8 string hollow body
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7 string

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8 string
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