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The Idea behind this instrument was to try and build a more affordable instrument that still has many of the unique features seen on my more expensive models.

Being that this instrument is a prototype, it does have just a few extras that future models will most likely not feature
For example:
 This instrument has an exotic wood neck and a headstock laminate;
where as future models will use plain maple necks and no head laminates will be used.
So most future models will feature a standard one piece hard maple neck {without carbon fiber}.
Body woods will be standard tonewoods (alder, ash, mahogany, basswood, etc.)
The finish on these instruments will be a standard linseed oil.
Electronics will always be high quality name brands (as in this prototype) and will vary.
Pickups will be adjustable/spring mounted.
Standard strap pins will be installed.
 Features on this instrument include:
24 standard (medium/jumbo) stainless steel frets
Multiscale 25" x 27" Birdseye Maple fingerboard.
Neck is 1 piece of exotic maple
Body wood is Ash.
EMG David Gilmour pickups (spring mounted)
Electronics are EMG 5 way Strat switch, 1 volume, 1 tone sweep  and 1 cut/boost.
ABM Single Bridges
Tuners are HipShot Open Gear Locking.
Action is less then 1/16" at the high E string and just over 1/16" on the low E string
Approx width at nut is 1.6" (1-58")
Approx thickness of neck at 1st fret is .80" at 12th fret is .90"
linseed oil finish