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Eight String Hollow Guitar GP-8
This Instrument was "Custom Shop" made for guitarist: Mike Wolff

Fingerboard: Multiscale, Private Reserve Pale Moon Ebony, Inlaid with 4 rings in Mike's Father's Ashes...25 stainless steel frets
Neck: Private Reserve 22 year aged Flame Myrtle
Top & Back: Private Reserve Buckeye Burl, Inlaid in Crushed Azurite/Malachite in the natural inclusions. And Black Ebony pinstripes bordering  Pale Moon center strips
Body core: Black Limba
Pickups: Bareknuckle Rebel Yell & VH II
Electronics: 3 way LP-switch, 2 mini 3/way coil tap switches 1 mini LR Baggs Ctrl-X Mag/Mix/Piezo Switch, 2 volumes, 1 Master tones, 1 Ctrl-X Piezo/Mag mix
The ~Piezo TK Single bridges~ are custom designed for superior sustain, tuning performance, extended string life, and most of all "tone"
Tuners: HipShot Grip-Lock
The control and truss rod covers are magnetically fastened

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