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Fifths tuned Signature Hybrid Guitar
This Instrument was custom made for guitarist Crichton Campbell

Please listen to this Fifths tuned guitar:
Click on "Sunrise In Africa" (below) to hear the guitar sample.
MP3 file size: 1.3 meg.
Everything you hear on this 2 track jam was improvised...No bass guitar was used...I tried to cover the full range of the instrument so that you could get an idea of the extremely wide range of this tuning.

Custom Shop Features Include:

*25 handmade stainless steel 5/32" fret rods
*(Instrument has a full 5 octave range tuned in fifths with the additional 25th fret)
Multiscale 25" x 27" aged Macassar Ebony fingerboard inlaid with Turquoise 'triple dots'
Birdseye maple neck.
Body is 1 piece of VERY light weight ash
5A aged Quilt Maple ~Drop Top~
1/16" Crushed Turquoise inlaid top pinstripes.
Custom made pickups by Seymour Duncan
Pickups are veneered with Macassar Ebony
Electronics are a 3 way LP-switch, 2 volumes, 1 tone & 1 pan for the LR Baggs Ctrl-X  mag/Piezo/mixer.
The ~TK Single Piezo bridges~ are custom designed for superior sustain, tuning performance, extended string life, and most of all "tone"
Tuners are Sperzel Open Back.
The control and truss rod covers are magnetically fastened
Action is less then 1/16" at the high string (G#) and just over 1/16" on the low string (A)
Approx width at nut is 1.6" (1-58")
Approx thickness of neck at 1st fret is .80" at 12th fret is .90"

Similar instruments (set-up in standard tuning) will occasionally available for sale in the Gallery.
 You can get started now designing your very own Custom Shop 'Signature Series' Instrument!

If you are wanting a wider melodic range from your 6 string guitar,
(close to the range of an 8 string!) then you should definitely