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ST-25 fifths tuned Signature Hybrid Guitar
This Instrument was "Custom Shop" made for guitarist: Mike Wolff

*25 handmade stainless steel 5/32" fret rods
*(Instrument has a full 5 octave range tuned in fifths with the additional 25th fret)
Multiscale 25" x 27" Ziricote fingerboard inlaid with Malachite rings surrounding Paua dots
Indian Rosewood neck
Body is VERY light weight alder
5A aged Exotic Maple ~Drop Top~
Crushed Malachite inlaid top pinstripes bordering a Paua center pinstripe
EMG 707TWX pickups
Pickups are veneered with Ziricote
Electronics are a 3 way LP-switch, 2 volumes, 2 tones (push/pull coil split).
The ~TK Single bridges~ are custom designed for superior sustain, tuning performance, extended string life, and most of all "tone"
Tuners are HipShot Grip-Lock
The control and truss rod covers are magnetically fastened
Action is less then 1/16" at the high string (G#) and just over 1/16" on the low string (A)
Approx width at nut is 1.6" (1-58")
Approx thickness of neck at 1st fret is .80" at 12th fret is .90"

Similar instruments (set-up in standard tuning) will occasionally available for sale in the Gallery.
 You can get started now designing your very own Custom Shop 'Signature Series' Instrument!

If you are wanting a wider melodic range from your 6 string guitar,
(close to the range of an 8 string!) then you should definitely