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 T-Bass 632
The one shown here features the following Custom options: 6 strings, 35" scale neck, with 32 frets on a Goncolo Alves finger board and Birds Eye Maple neck.
The body is  a semi-hollow African Mahogany frame with Lacewood top and back plates.
The electronics are all EMG.
The bridge is a hand made intonated Carbon fiber  saddle fit to a Honduran Rosewood base.
And the strings slide into aluminum reinforced slots milled into the rear of the body.
The semi-hollow  body design, custom Carbon fiber  bridge, aluminum reinforced string loading system, make the 632 an incredible bass.

Please Note
This instrument is no longer be available.
The basic overall body design is however still available as a newly redesigned model.
 Please see the Custom Shop for a full list of currently available options and standard features.